Make your own rules.

Set your priorities right.

Female Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes - just like women do.

                                                                                                                                                                     - Allyson Hoffmann - 

My life is all about Leadership. Always has been. There is good and bad Leadership and of course, like everybody, sometimes I was confronted with the right and sometimes the wrong end of it. From outside and from within myself.

Discovering my own leadership skills early in life, I found my love for the background of true Leadership, the human side of things, the individual Personality, early on.

But of course no way is really straight forward, so it took me my fair share of turns and up side downs to get to where I am now. To be very honest, there were moments Leadership of any kind for my own life seemed as far away as the moon. But still. There has always been this part of me keeping me on track to the place where I am now.

The place where I truly want to be. Doing what I love doing. Cause everything that comes to me naturally and everything I chose to learn is building the big picture now and gives me the chance to meet and work with truly amazing people.

Concerning women, the way I see it... Women are already in Leadership everywhere. And they are badly needed there. 

Some are Leaders of countries, cities, companies or teams, leading to keep the world moving. Others are leading athletes of all sorts and some are leading sport teams to great achievements. There are the leaders for health, wellness and spiritual matters helping us to be our best every day. Of course there are those who are leading families and tribes into a safe future. And many more women are needed to make sure that our world is a happy place, worthwhile to live in. 

Feel welcome to join in! We are a movement! And we love having you.


Allyson Hoffmann 

Allyson Hoffmann